Why Hashtags?

They say marriages are Made in Heaven, but on the ground, the reality is slightly different!

What makes a Made in Heaven wedding is not just the designer outfits, the gourmet menu, the destination venue, the celebrity guest list or the gold and diamonds.

It is Social Media that makes a Made in Heaven wedding and we understand that.

The first step to planning such a wedding is finding the right hashtag that people will notice, love and remember. And believe it or not, it is the most difficult decision! seeks to make this difficult decision easy, fun and one that will turn any wedding into an internet rage.

Create your hashtag

While you are here looking for your perfect wedding hashtag, you could also humour your friends with couple’s hashtag, BFF hashtag and family hashtag generator as well. Every relationship needs a hashtag and we seek to make each of these relationships, Made in Heaven, one hashtag at a time.